Is there a new IPO in the Saudi stock market?

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Here are a handful of upcoming and promising IPOs that you should regard as the bodily connection to your portfolio

Fish Fash Foodstuff Company

One of the most profitable companies in the Saudi food showground was avowed in 1981. In April 2021, the pronounce value of the company was 11.30 million Saudi riyals, where the company is based coarsely 1.13 million shares.

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the natural gas distribution company

Among the companies that usually commend the count subscription in Saudi Arabia is the Natural Gas Distribution Company, which is 35% owned and will be offered concerning the parallel appearance.

National Fertilizer Industry Company

The National Chemical Fertilizer Company (NAFCO) was conventional in 1982. It is a 100% Saudi joint amassing company, bearing in mind that capital of 50 million Saudi riyals. The Saudi assistance is extremely to the company's proposal to be one of the upcoming Saudi public offerings.

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